Seoul@Linz – Infinity ∞ Movement with Multiple Web Workshop

Jung In Lee Creation lädt zu einem Workshop für alle Neugierige ein! Der Workshop ist kostenfrei und findet voraussichtlich draußen statt!

Uhrzeit: Fr. 10.9.21 – 10-11:30

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Zum Workshop:Infinity (∞) _ Movement with Multiple Web
The body learns the principles of circulation that are intertwined and unraveled by creating a new sense, balance, and agility in the body through movements made using elastic strings. Rather than controlling the line by functioning the body and using the flexible body to control the line by movement, we will attempt to try and experience the action of the line within a tight space element called the line and try to understand the principles of natural circulation , such as the flow of time.1.Understanding the body that changes and operates due to the restriction of the elastic strings.(Movement research)
2. An understanding of being intertwined (Movement research from philosophical perspective)
3. Learning about the meaning of nature’s circulation (Movement research from philosophical perspective)
4. Understanding the cosmological perspective of time in a planar way (Academic Research)
5. Understanding the perspective of Oriental thought, where everything returns and returns (Visualize movement from ideas)

Künstlerin: Jung In, Lee
Artistic director /Lee Jung In CREATION
Artist in Cooperation/Redsapata-Tanzfabrik, Linz, Austria

Ermöglicht wird dieser Workshop durch das Arts Council Korea!